Air Navigation Course

If you are an aviator, you will know that an Air Navigation Course teaches you to know where you are, where you want to go to, how long it will take you to get there, and how much fuel you will have left when you arrive. In other words finding your way safely from one place to another. There are two basic methods of finding your way in the air:

Dead Reckoning , a way of plotting and flying from one place to another on a course based entirely on mathematical calculations Pilotage, the identification of your position and the course you have to fly by referring to features that you can see and identify on the ground. The principles of air navigation of course are the same for all aircraft, large or small. It involves piloting or navigating as aircraft from place to place without getting lost, without breaking aviation laws, and without endangering the safety of those on board or on the ground. Navigation has been made much easier with the advent of the GPS.

Loutzavias Air Navigation Course is incorporated into whichever flying course you are attending. Most aircraft cannot stop in mid-air to check out their position. They are limited by the amount of fuel they can carry. If you run out of fuel in a car, you can drift to the side of the road and sit there awaiting help. If you run out of fuel in an aircraft there is only one way to go down. That is why an Air Navigation Course is essential so that you are always aware of your position and fuel state.

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Loutzavias Air Navigation Course is incorporated into whichever flying course you are attending.

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